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О нашем питомнике в журнале о кошках Cats Life (Гонг-Конг).

Обновлено: 13 янв. 2020 г.

В конце прошлого года мы получили запрос на интервью для Гонг-Конгского журнала о кошках. Темой интервью стала порода Американский кёрл и в частности, жизнь нашего питомника. И вот, в феврале 2019г. вышла статья в журнале Cat`s Life на китайском языке. Изначально интервью проводилось на английском языке, и в процессе было адаптировано и переведено редактором для местного населения в Гонг-Конге. Статья илюстрирована фотографиями из архива нашего питомника.

Мы расширяем границы и шагаем по планете!



Для тех, кто не понимает на китайском - английская версия интервью ниже.

For those who do not understand Chinese - the English version of the interview below.

An historical note:

One day, surfing the internet we came across a photo of an unusual cat with curled back ears. In the description of the photo was written that it was a breed of American Curl. We decided to visit the cat show in our city to see this miracle. We were disappointed because there was no such breed in our city. We began to actively search for worthy representatives of this breed throughout the country. It was not easy. Only a few months later we were able to find a pair of our first fancier. Two cats from elite cattery came to us, from different parts of the country, covered many thousands kilometers. It happened in 2012. A little later, I registered a cattery in WCF, passed the course and qualified as felinologist. At the moment, we remain the only American Curl cattery in our city of Volgograd (Russia).

The name of the cattery is Volgastyle, it consists of two words. The Volga is the great river. Our city stands on this river. The word «style» means style, the style of our cattery. In addition, the word Style is part of nickname of our first cat.

All our cats live with us, with our family (with children) in an our apartment. We don’t have pet crates. Our cattery is homely. For me, it is not acceptable to keep cats in cages, this is cruel. Cats, especially American curls are domestic animals, they need human warmth, communication and care. American curls suffer from loneliness. Of course, cats have natural instincts and we have to regulate their relations in the pride by placing them in different rooms for a while. But we live in these rooms, so cats do not feel lonely. We give our cats a lot of time and attention, they are always in the center of action, always in the company of man.

We deal exclusively American Curls. it means that we deal only with cats of the American Curl breed. In addition, the possibility of interbreeding and the appearance of mestizo in the offspring is excluded. We stand for the purity preservation of the breed American Curl. We do not sell our kittens for interbreeding.

In different association of cat clubs 2 American Curl cat variations have been registered: semi-longhair and short-haired. In our cattery the priority is semi -longhaired cats. Although we do not exclude work with short-hair cats. At the moment we have one short-haired female cat, the others are semi-longhaired.

Why did we choose the American Curl breed? American Curls have many advantages:

- American Curls are perfect companion, this cats for the whole family;

- American Curls are clowns cat, they are forever kitten;

- Smart and clever cats;

- American Curls are medium in size;

- They have big variety of colors and coat length;

- Easy to care;

- Lack of genetic diseases in this breed.

At the moment, we have a stable number of adult exclusively cats. One part came from another cattery, other part was born in our cattery. We have got a very decent cat team, with excellent pedigree. In the near future, we plan to remain in the same composition. Over time, we will look for new lines to continue our breeding program. Like the American Curls owners say «Can't have too many American Curls». Actually, it is. Of course, we want to expand the cattery, to bring new cats of this unique and rare breed. We are all aware how many cats we can pay due attention and decent care in a small space.

American Curls is a non-profit breed. Only those who are very fond of this cats can breed American Curls. Kittens of the show class or breed class are not often born. The class depends on the ears, the main breed characteristics of these cats. Ears may have various defects. Some kittens are “rejected” because their ears do not meet the breed standard.

Our cats leave to different countries. American curls which was born in Russia are considered to be worthy representatives of this breed, most corresponding to the standard.

The European countries are very actively interested in our American curls. Cats from our cattery live in the cities of Great Britain, Nederland, Lithuania, France, Italy, etc., both in large catteries and as favorites for the soul. The US is also interested in our cats, homeland of all American Curls. This gives reason to think that we are developing in the right direction, that we can be proud of our work.

All large American Curl cattery around the world, or rather American Curl breeders know each other. There are only a few dozen large catteries of American Curls around the world. Facebook has a group of American Curl breeders and lists of all active cattery.

Asians, including Hong Kong residents, have little interest in this exclusive breed. There are very few cattery of American Curls in Asia. We will be glad to have new acquaintances and popularization of the breed in Hong Kong!

We rarely sell our kittens for breeding. We strictly approach the selection of kittens for breeding. Only the best representatives of the breed are breeding. Only registered cattery has the advantage of buying a kitten for breeding.

Usually, our customers are those who read a lot about American Curl on the Internet and have acquired a strong desire to buy a kitten specifically this breed. Often a conversation with the customers begins with the words: we need exactly this breed!

We often take part in cat shows in different felinological system. It should be noted that at the beginning of our cattery, some judges did not know the American Curl breed very well - often theoretically and our cats were the first representatives for them. Now, we notice that the judges start to learn more and more about this breed, what makes us very happy.

At cat shows we show the worthy representatives of our breed in different classes: kittens, adults, and neuters. We are very pleased with the achievements of our animals at cat shows. We teach our American Curls from a young age to perform at cat shows, raising and strengthening «show» character. Even at cat shows our pets are very playful and affectionate. The last year was very successful for our cattery in terms of cat shows achievements and significant victories. Our adult cats were ranked Best of Best - 1 and Best of Best - 2. Kittens became the best kittens of the сat show.

Sometimes several representatives of our cattery go to the final show. This year, “grandfather” and “grandson” took part in the cat show: Misha is the founder of our cattery and his grandson, chocolate kitten Murano - both the "grandfather" and the "grandson" brilliantly performed, entering the final show and win prizes. Unfortunately, we very rarely meet representatives of American Curls from other catteries at cat shows. Often our cats are the only representatives of this rare breed.

Our cattery operates only within the walls of our house. But we are in close contact with another cattery of American curls, which is located in another city of Russia (Ufa). We exchange cattery graduates and share experience. The number of American Curls is very small and such friendship between the catteries helps a lot in the development of the breed.

American Curls are very attached to the owner and therefore considered a very contact breed. They love people with all their soul. It seems that they are not able to be offended. At the first place the man for the American curl is a friend. My children grow up with American curls. The younger son grew up under the supervision of a super-nanny cat. To train an American curl is very easy, for example, to throw and ask to bring a toy.

American Curls are a genetically healthy breed. The gene curled back ears is not linked to genetic diseases. American Curls are unique in combination not only amazing appearance and mild temperament, but also good health. It is easy to care for the American Curls. Mats do not form on the wool due to the minimum undercoat. American Curls molt a little. They like to be combed. The main difference in care is closer attention to the ears. Due to the fact that the ears are turned out - they quickly become dirty. It is necessary to clean the ears more often, about 1 time in 2 weeks.

I love moments when new kittens are born. The ears of the American Curl begin to curl during the day after birth. When you look at the newborn American curl kitten, it is impossible to predict what angle of the curl will have his ears. By the time when the kitten's eyes open (8-12 days) - the ear curl is already clearly visible. Subsequently, the curl and its shape of the ears may change. Curl ears formed by 4-5 months. Therefore, I do not recommend choosing a kitten for breeding earlier than this age.

If you decide to have an American Curl kitten, it is very likely that soon you will have more than one cat. Like the American Curls owners say «Can't have too many American Curls». The more you know the American curl, the more you fall in love with it. If you do not want to have a lazy cat, and dream of an active friend who will take part in all your affairs, then you should choose the American Curl. American Curls get along well with other animals in the house. You should be ready to pay enough attention to your cat. Otherwise, your pet will be bored.


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